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Welcome to This site has absolutely no relevance to anything at all. Feel free to look at the odd bits of information that I have extending from it. Mirroring also, the #Audio page within this same style. (#Audio standing for hash-audio, IRC Channel on the Oz.Org network).

If you're looking at this site, trying to figure out exactly why someone would register a domain called or quite simply you are just trying to figure out what this site is about. The answer to your questions is 47. This site has no purpose, I intend putting nothing but random documents up on this page for your amusement.
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  • Tim Ronan Art
  • Scott Handsaker Art
  • Jason Linghor and Grant Beattie Art
  • Bazooka Mk2 ©
  • Fatboy and the Bird (new)

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    Video games don't influence people. If pacman influenced us as kids, we'd be running around dark rooms munching pills and listening to repetitive electronic music.

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